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From £625
120 mins
2-12 hours
9 -12 months

What is it?

The UltmoSkin is the perfect combination of our HIFU Non Surgical Face Lift and Radio Frequency Microneedling to treat the entire face by targeting every skin layer. These two technologies are a match made in heaven as the HIFU treatment focuses on lifting the jowls, tightening the jaw and smoothing the neck, the Radio Frequency Microneedling works on the fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. 


HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) is the only non surgical cosmetic procedure that can target the deep structural layers of the skin using ultrasound to lift and tighten the face, neck and décolletage areas. This technology is unique in its ability to penetrate the dermis and the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer, which is deeper than all other non-invasive facial treatments. 


Dermaforce Radio Frequency Microneedling is an advanced cutting-edge treatment that combines Radio Frequency and Microneedling to effectively treat a number of skin concerns. The treatment is a skin rejuvenation process that stimulates the body’s natural healing process to encourage collagen production in the dermis resulting in rejuvenated and tightened skin.


You can take a single treatment UltimoSkin Uno which is a one off treatment of HIFU and Radio Frequency carried out on the same day. For full results and a complete makeover, we recommend UltimoSkin Elite which begins with a treatment of HIFU and Radio Frequency Microneedling on day 1, followed by a further treatment of Radio Frequency Microneedling at week 4-6, then finished with a further HIFU and Radio Frequency Microneedling treatment at week 12.

Every treatment of UltimoSkin ends with a session of Medical Grade Tri-Wave LED Light Therapy to aid healing and accelerate results.


Let's talk science.

High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound is the best non surgical procedure currently on the market to reduce the signs of ageing without surgery or injectables. This technology breakthrough in anti-ageing is the only FDA approved treatment with the specific intention of tightening the jawline and neck, and reducing wrinkles and lines

The Dermaforce technology uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) delivered directly into the skin at the end point of the needles. Bipolar RF utilises symmetric and closely placed electrodes (needles) to pass the radio frequency current through a exact targetted depth of tissue. This delivers a very controlled emission of Radio Frequency, targeting specific areas of tissue.


The two technologies together can effectively treat all areas of the face, neck and decolletage, it is particularly good for sagging jowls, nasolabial folds and crepey skin. Your face will be more defined, look more toned and your  skin will look plumper, fresher and more youthful. Unlike a surgical facelift, there is no down time, no incisions, no recovery time and no hugely expensive costs.

State of the art technology.

Our HIFU machine differs from most being used within salons currently. It shoots 11 lines as opposed to the one. This means that the targeted areas receive a more focussed level of ultrasound and we can ensure that the face or body has the optimum level of shots in the correct order. This also means that you receive more shots of Ultrasound in less time. Our machine also has a specific handle for small areas so that the eyes and nasolabial folds can receive direct treatment successfully. 


The Dermaforce Radio Frequency Microneedling machine delivers a controlled insertion of needles into the skin at 7 different depths. The hand piece is equipped with a vacuum. Only when the skin and the tip are in full contact will the needles insert into the skin and deliver the Radio Frequency energy to the dermis. This makes the treatment much less painful that other devices. 

The super fine gold plated needles not only make the treatment more comfortable but it also means that it is suitable for anyone with metal allergies. 

We then end each treament with a session of LED Light Therapy using our Medical Grade Tri-Wave device from Dermalux.

The combined technology from 3D Aesthetics, Winkon Laser and Dermalux is second to none and it is no coincidence that they are the market leaders in the UK for advanced treatment devices. 

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Don't just take our word for it.

Check out a selection of UltimoSkin reviews.


I was worried that the treatment would hurt after what i heard about other brands but this was totally fine. My skin is glowing and dewy, i cannot wait for my second treatment. You are in safe hands with Jo. So safe that i travel 2 hours to visit her clinic.


I have never had so many comments on my skin. Ever! And i use a lot of good skincare! Thank you for introducing me to this. It is now my new favourite treatment.


I have been coming to Jo for a few years and she has talked about introducing this treatment for a long time. I was excited to have it once she brought it to the clinic. I can honestly say that I am blown away. I am looking forward to my 3rd treatment.

For full FAQ's on each technology, head to the HIFU and Radio Frequency Ultrasound Page.

  • Does HIFU really work?
    Yes! It absolutely works. It is also FDA Approved and has been vigorously tried and tested in order to receive the accreditation. In addition to having FDA approval, we can honestly say that we have never seen results like it from a non invasive procedure. The results speak for themselves. It is particularly good for jowls, nasolablial folds and skin laxity.
  • What areas can i have treated?
    Eyes Brow Lower face to include lasonabial folds Jaw Line Neck Decolletage Hands
  • How long does it take?
    Anything from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. It depends on what areas you are having treated. A full facelift will take approx 2 hours.
  • How many treatments will i need?
    One treatment is enough to have excellent results and most people do not need a further treatment for 12 months. You can have up to 3 treatments to acheive optimum results but this depends on your skin structure and would require a full consultation. It is most common to have the one treatment every 12 months. In some older clients who have never had any facial treatments, there may be the need to have the treatment every 9 months for the first 2 and then continue onto 12 monthly treatments. You will often see a salon or clinic advertising that HIFU will last for 2-3 years. This is extremely unrealistic. In our experience we have found that the treatment realisitcally lasts for around 12-15 months, age and skin dependent. The younger you are, the longer it lasts.
  • What will i feel during the treatment?
    You can certainly feel the treatment but it is by no means painful or unbearable. You will feel a small amount of heat and a slight tingling sensation. It is a strange sensation as the treatment is working below the skin and you can feel the ulstrasound activating beneath your skin. All of our clients happily chat through the whole treament.
  • What happens after the treatment and are there any side effects?
    Jo will go through all of the potential side effects with you prior to your treatment and answer any questions you have. You will be given an aftercare leaflet to take with you and a contact number to call should you have any questions after your treatment. You may experience a slight redness or flushed sensation to the skin but this will disipate after a few hours. You could experience slight pale bruising (rare) or numbness but again, this will go after a few days. The feeling for the first couple of days is a little like after going to the dentist and you have had your mouth open for a long period. Yes that sounds strange but it is the best way to describe it! After the treatment, we advise the following: Do not expose your skin to the sun or sunbeds for at least 24 hours. No facials for 48 hours Use plenty of moisturiser Drink plenty of water to keep your skin fully hydrated.
  • When will i see a change?
    You will see a difference immediately in the tightening of your muscles but the full effects will not be apparent for 12 - 18 weeks. This is the time it takes for the natural collagen in your skin to work its magic. If you have opted for the Full Face and Neck treatment, you return after 12 weeks for a further treatment. This treatment compounds the first treatment and gets the best results. You will generally see a noticbale difference after the second treatment.
  • What is the downtime after the treatment?
    None whatsoever. You are even able to have the treatment in your lunch break and head back to work.
  • Is the treatment suitable for everyone?
    The treatment is suitable for any age. Anyone experiencing lowered brows, jowls, sagging skin on the neck, lines on the face and chest are all perfect candidates for this treatment. The treatment is also extremely popular with younger people who are trying to achieve jaw definition. There are certain contraindications but the best way to find out is to book a consultation and we will advise if you are suitable.
  • What is the difference between your 4D HIFU and regular HIFU?
    Our machine is the latest version of HIFU. Most machines will shoot one line of ultrasound at a time and the practitioner will move the handle along the face to shoot further lines. Our handles are able to shoot up to eleven lines at a time without moving the handle, meaning that is it more precise and has more accuracy at targetting the chosen area. Our machine also has a smaller handle which is specifically for the smaller areas such as eyes and nasolabial folds. Our machine is the only technology to have this handle in the UK.
  • Do i have to have before and after pictures?
    Yes. These are purely for our treatment records and will never be shared for marketing unless you give your written permission.
  • Why are you cheaper/more expensive than other companies?
    You will find treatments on the market more expensive and cheaper than our treatments. Firstly, anyone offering a full Facelift at £200 is not offering a 4D Treatment with a state of the art machine and it is highly unlikely that they have paid for thorough training (which comes at a cost) You will almost certainly be disappointed with the results and not return. The prices on Harley Street are almost double the price of ours. These clinics are mostly using the same machines as ours (often not as good). However, we do not have the expensive cost of running a clinic on Harley Street so we are able to pass the saving onto the client. The best thing to do is book a consultation and investigate any treatment you are having thoroughly. Ask lots of questions and don't be afraid to ask more! Jo is a specialist in HIFU and leads the field. She has likely carried out more treatments than anyone in the country so you are in very safe hands.


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