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Do you own a salon?

As a trusted mobile clinic we are always looking for reputable salon partners. We can offer all or just some of our state of the art advanced treatments which include 360 Technology Fat Freezing, HIFU Non Surgical Face lifts & Body Tightening, HyperTone EMS, Grass Roots Facial®, HydroPro 9 Hydrafacial. 
It's a great way to earn an extra income and drive new clients to your business without having the financial outlay of equipment and training. 

What we do..

  • We give you a dedicated page on our website.

  • We provide you with advertising posters, brochures and marketing material.

  • We give you advert content for your social media.

  • We advertise your clinic on our own social media (organic and sponsored)

  • We offer a 12 hour day of appointments.

  • We are available every day for any queries from your clients.

  • You have a dedicated phone line to contact us with any questions and your own whatsapp page.

  • We set up our clinic within your salon, act with total professionalism and offer first class customer service.

  • We carry out our state of the art treatments by a fully trained and insured practitioner.

  • We can offer our clinic on days you are closed to not disrupt you usual business.

  • We pay you 15% of all sales. The average paid our to a salon is around £200 per day. 

  • We offer the salon owner and employees a 50% discount on all treatments.

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