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Semi Permanent
Eye Brows

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Perfect Brows
from £220
90 mins
7 days
10-18 months

What is it?

Eyebrows are one of the most noticeable and defining feature of our face, with many of us spending so long trying to perfect them with makeup products that we can become frustrated. Microblading is smudge proof, waterproof, and sweatproof, so there is need to worry about makeup coming off during your everyday routine!

Microblading is perfect for someone who has little to no hair, sparse or patchy brows and are wanting to bring them back to life.

Believe it or not, this treatment is still one of the most popular brow treatments for both women and men and once results are revealed you will begin to understand why!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique used to define, shape, and enhance your current natural brows. Using a hand-held tool, we implant high quality pigment into the epidermal layer of the skin (outermost layer of the skin) to create the illusion of individual and realistic hairstrokes, for a more natural yet fuller look. Brow mapping (creating the perfect shape) is our first and most important step of treatment and we will not will not begin until we are both happy with the final shape.



Our Microblading treatment is carried out over two-sessions, your primary session and then a touch up session. Touch up sessions are included in the price and we really do recommend that you attend the appointment as this session will compound your results.




Don't just take our word for it.

Check out a selection of  5* reviews for Shaped Brows Manchester


Shannon has made such a good job of my brows, i am delighted. 


After a bad experience with microblading previously, i was reluctant to have my brows touched again. I wish I hadn't waited to long. Shannon was professional, gentle and did such a fabulous job. I will have them re-done every year now to keep them perfect. Just don't go anywhere Shannon!


Shannon was very professional and such a lovely person. My brows are the best they have ever looked.



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