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Permanent lip makeup. Microblading lip tattoo with special coloring pigment corrects lip c

Semi Permanent

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Lip Colour
from £220
120 mins
1-3 Years

What is it?

Lip Blush is a Semi permanent makeup treatment which adds tint to your natural lip colour, using a machine tattoo gun.

This treatment creates defined and fuller looking lips without the need for lip filler injectables, this is because lip blush doesn’t add volume or change the shape of your natural lip, instead it adds a beautiful natural everyday shade once healed.  

Lip blush is performed by depositing your chosen colour pigment into the lips. After choosing your perfect colour, we pre draw a flawless shape to create a crisp outline, we then follow this by shading in the colour. Each lip blush treatment is tailored to you.


Lip blush will not smudge or bleed unlike lip stick and gloss, so say goodbye to lip stains on your favourite coffee mug!

Lip Blush Tattoo is suitable for most clients aged 18+. Semi Permanent Lip treatment is perfect for anyone wanting to have a beautiful lip colour without having to use a lipstick or for someone who has lost colour pigment with age, or even if your desire is to be bold 24 hours a day. The beauty of lip blush is that it is tailored to you and can be soft and subtle, or bold and bright. Its your choice.

Lip blushing can last anywhere from 1-3 years, as the pigment will naturally fade overtime, it is recommended to get a colour boost between 9-12 months.




Don't just take our word for it.

Check out a selection of  5* reviews for Shannon


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my lips. It is the best thing I've done for myself. Thanks so much Shannon.


Shannon was so professional that i felt immediately relaxed. It is easy to see why she has such a reputation.


Thank you for recommending Shannon, i am really happy with my results. No more lip bleed!


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