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75 mins
4-6 wks

What is it?

Our Fire & Ice Facial is the perfect remedy for dull, tired-looking skin. This unique treatment employs the use of a heated Black Obsidian Gua Sha for manual lymphatic drainage and elimination of built up toxins, this is then followed with facial massage using Ice Globes to reduce puffiness and close pores. The treatment also includes muscle manipulation to relieve stress and fatigue in the facial muscles, this creates a relaxing, spa-like experience while targeting specific skin concerns.


The heated Gua Sha tool provides a deeper level of penetration for maximum benefits and the ice globes help to calm and soothe the skin. The treatment also includes skin on skin muscle manipulation, 2 layers of deep penetrating mask treatment and Medical Grade Tri-Wave LED Light Therapy.


Leave with a fresh, radiant complexion and a feeling of tranquility.

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Fire & Ice Facial

Book your luxury Fire and Ice Facial and leave with contoured and glowing skin.

(Only available in our Marple Clinic)

75 Minutes


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