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Treatment Time


Duration of Results

1-12  weeks

1-12 weeks

Visible Results

What is it?

Our Body Transformation is a range of packages that are aimed at changing your body, mind and lifestyle.

Depending on your goals and current body composition, we have something to suit everyone.

Our packages can include a combination of a medically supervised weight loss programme and/or state of the art advanced treatments aimed at body sculpting.

Alongside this we offer Cool Slimming® 360 Technology Fat Freezing, HyperTone HIFEM Body Sculpting, HIFU Body Tightening, HIFU Face lifting plus a facial treatment for that extra treat.

The Body Transformation is meant to not only transform your body but also your life. It is designed to give you a new lease of life and become a healthier, and more positive version of yourself. 


The National Medical Weight Loss Programme

Our registered nurse Emma Kelliher, offers NMWLP - The National Medical Weight Loss Programme. This is designed as a medically supervised weight loss route for those who are overweight or obese. The programme consists of a simple pre-filled pen with prescribed medication to help curb your appetite, suppress cravings, release stored fat and lose weight whilst learning to developing positive eating habits for your future.

The first step is a medical consultation to determine suitability. This can be achieved face to face or virtually. During the consultation the treatment plan will be discussed alongside your overall health, struggles with  weight and future goals.

As with any new medication you may experience some short term side effects which is why NMWLP is a medically supervised programme where you can be monitored throughout by a qualified nurse who is fully trained in the administering of this weight loss prescription. 

Clever Contours will only offer this programme through Emma Kelliher as her experience and reputation proceeds her. You are certainly in safe hands.

The cost of treatment is £250 per month.

Weight loss expectations and length of treatment will be discussed at consultation.

State of the art technology.

We can combine the The National  Medical Weight Loss Programme with our state of the art advanced treatments or if you are already close to your ideal weight, you can choose solely the treatment package.

If you have a tummy to tone up, loose underarm fat that makes you feel self conscious in the summer months, inner thighs that will just not tone no matter how much you exercise, then we have a solution.

You can browse through our website to view all treatments and below you will find them packaged. We also offer bespoke treatments that can be designed exactly to suit your needs.

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We have lots of information on each technology that is included in our Body Transformation.
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For more information on The National Medical Weight Loss Programme, please send an enquiry above and our Registered Nurse will be in contact. There is no obligation and totally free to have a consultation.